Let’s all just grab our friends and huddle together for the last episode of this ridiculously beautiful and traumatic show. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)
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"What does it want?"


"What do they want?”


"This proves that they were alive. To me, at least”

"I know it seems unrealistic, but I enjoy creating designs and making shoes

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King of the Court, Kageyama Tobio

King of the Court, Kageyama Tobio

Oikawa Tooru ♥

"It’s just a scarf. I’ll wrap it around you as many times as you want.

From now on, I will always wrap it for you”

Shingeki no Kyojin - Ch50 || Colored by 

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it’s got a gun in its hand;

Right now, I'm having fun.

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